June 01, 2016


This box contains 17 photographs from NEAR-photographers edited as postcards. I am proud to have my image Bugs Unknown II among them. This limited edition include photographs from Léonore Bau, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Sophie Brasey, Roberto Greco, Sophie Hugenot, Olivier Lovey, Gian Paul Lozza, Mathilde Magnée, Murielle Michetti, Caroline Neulas, Lucas Olivet, Véronique Portal, Laurence Rasti, Diego Saldiva, Dom Smaz and Fabian Unternährer.

The box is launched tonight:
June 1, 2016 6pm
KASSETTE, Wolfbachstrasse 9, Zürich – 
a cooperation with Grussformat

NEAR was founded in Lausanne in 2009 and aims to promote contemporary photography. The association organizes activities around four main objectives: to promote and disseminate the work of Swiss and Switzerland-based photographers for both confirmed talents and young artists; to enable cultural exchanges between regions and among professionals in the field of photography (artists, historians, critics, curators, journalists and editors); to actively contribute to critical thinking on the subject of contemporary photography; and finally to help increase exposure of Swiss photography to a wider audience.