At the 10th Darmstädter Days of Photography the jury awards Brigitte Lustenberger with the 10.000 Euro Merck Award for her work This sense of wonder. After seeing the exhibition at the museum Künstlerkolonie on Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt the jury explains its decision:

«Brigitte Lustenberger reveals the paradox about photography. She reminds us of the perpetual flowing of time even though photography was made to preserve moments of time. Her multimedia approach, her spatial experiments and sculptural thinking are breaking the boundaries of photography and winning over the jury.»

Brigitte Lustenberger’s installation takes the viewer to the immersive world of photographic projection. As a photographer, she works meticulously like a scientist, aesthetically like a baroque painter and poetic like a lyricist.

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Portrait above © Johannes Schembs/DTDF