December 08, 2015

CANTONALE BERN JURA @ Kunsthaus Langenthal

The annual Cantonale is coming up and I am happy to show at the Kunsthaus Langenthal. Three slide projections with real, found insects question our notion of beauty and repulsion, of transitoriness and of a medium that is about to disappear.

Opening: December 9 2015 from 7pm
Reception by Raffael Dörig, director of the Kunsthaus Langenthal and by Susanne Bieri, chair of the board of fine arts/Canton of Bern

The show lasts from December 10 2015 to January 10 2016.
Wed to Fri 2 to 5pm
Sat and Sun 10am to 5pm

Kunsthaus Langenthal
Marktgasse 13
CH-4900 Langenthal