August 21, 2014


Inspired by Krasis the group show L'harmonie des extrèmes at the Stadtgalerie Bern is all about the four temperaments incorporated by Hippokrates. The differents works deal with the ancient medical concept that the four temperaments affect the human body and soul: sanguine, melancholic phlegmatic und choleric. We start the opening at the gallery space at 6pm that last with different performances until 22pm. At sunset we will walk to the Münsterplatz to see the Opera-Video-installation of Krasis.

Opening: Thursday August 21 2014 at 6pm

with artists Saskia Edens, Christoph Hess, Juerg Luedi, Brigitte Lustenberger, Gilles Rotzetter, Aline Zeltner

Curated by Anna Bürkli, assisted by Vera Trachsel and Johanna Kotlaris, technic by Jymy von Obein.

Supported by the city of Bern!