October 05, 2012

SOIRÉE GRAPHIQUE N°5 – Art meets Design

Draft design for TSI NAN FU.



27 Artists – 27 Photographers – 4 Filmmakers – 5 Illustrators realized different Remakes of posters made by 28 Graphic designers!

You are welcome to see all the remakes at the Kunsthalle Bern on Saturday or Sunday, October 20/21, 2012. I looked into the depths of hysteria and hypnosis and made a photographic remake of a poster made by Adeline Mollard.

Saturday: Exhibiton 10am to 6 pm, Welcome and Bar 6pm to 10 pm (Artist will be present from the afternoon until 10pm.)
Sunday: Exhibiton 10am to 6 pm

Information about  SOIRÉE GRAPHIQUE
Organized and presented by KOMET
Performed at the Kunsthalle Bern